LOGOS Photo Album

See photos from LOGOS showing children and youth engaged in Bible Study, Worship Skills, Recreation, and Family Time.

Pastor Darla and some of our youth at the Spring Youth Assembly

During the school year, children, youth and adults gather on Wednesday afternoons to share in a four-part experience including a time of Bible study, preparation to give leadership to our Sunday worship, time for recreation, and having a family experience over a shared meal.  The single purpose of LOGOS is to provide those who participate with a hint of what the Kingdom of God is to be like.  Within LOGOS we treat everyone as a Child of God so that we both know what it is like to be loved as God loves us, and we learn how to love others in the same way.  LOGOS is for those in grades One through Twelve and involves as many adults as youth.


In the LOGOS ministry there are four essential parts  BIBLE STUDY, WORSHIP SKILLS, RECREATION/PLAY, FAMILY TIME.  These create the structure in which the theology and practice of Christian relationships can happen.

BIBLE STUDY is the heart of the LOGOS.  It is designed to be creative, relevant and interactive.  The goal of Bible study is to nurture our children and youth into intelligent, committed and mature Christian individuals.  It also provides the model for building and sustaining Christian relationships.

The WORSHIP SKILLS objective is to develop understanding of and practice in worship skills. Worship is the basic form of Christian service and discipleship.  The active participation of children and youth in worship benefits the entire congregation.  Children will participate in worship regularly during the year. 

The RECREATION/PLAY goal is to experience great non-competitive fun at the expense of no one. Games, arts and crafts and other activities give participants the chance to try something new each week.  Relationships are developed as children, youth and adults reveal themselves in play, practicing what it means to belong to the Kingdom of God.

FAMILY TIME is when all LOGOS participants are gathered for a meal to experience being a part of the family of God.  Dinner, served family-style around tables led by Table Parents, gives everyone the chance to share, to serve others, and to use good table manners.  Family fun makes the dinner hour a joyous, inter-generational celebration.


LOGOS is open to children and youth in kindergarten through middle school.  It meets on Wednesdays from 4:45-7pm during the school year.  For information about registration contact the church office 362-4812.