YOU are welcome here!

We come from many places, differing in age, differing in race, differing in orientation, politics and even our religious history/upbringing.

We celebrate diversity, and we expect everyone’s interpretation of the Bible or of the Christian life to be varied.

We believe that God provides spiritual gifts to all and we do not restrict any office or role in the church by gender.

As we come together, we discover that our differences are indeed a blessing. The more difference we bring, the more fully we experience the presence of the sacred midst.

So come children of God, just as you are. Wherever you are on this journey of life, you are welcome here, here in this place, here in this community, here at First Christian Church, Crawfordsville (Disciples of Christ).

A very special "Thank You" to Chuck Ranspach for the creation of this video.




The Order of Worship is very much a Disciple order of worship with a Call to Worship, Offering, Scripture and Sermon, and Communion every Sunday. ALL are welcome to participate in communion regardless of church background or denominational affiliation. To see a bulletin of a recent 10:15 worship service, click HERE.

During Our 1015am worship, Associate pastor peter harper talks to our little ones during our Young at heart time.

During Our 1015am worship, Associate pastor peter harper talks to our little ones during our Young at heart time.

This worship service is FAMILY FRIENDLY with a “prayground” within the sanctuary for children and their families to sit during worship. There is also children’s worship and a nursery available. You can read more about our 10:15 worship service by clicking HERE


Sacred Grounds Cafe

This service meets in our Chapel area. There is a “small group” feel to our gatherings. The majority of the message each Sunday will be discussion driven. We sing praises and glory to God, we speak with God in prayer, and we proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We take communion every Sunday. Childcare is available in our nursery during this worship service.


Faith Learning Hour

This is like our Sunday School and we have one adult class. The class’ curriculum comes from The Wired Word. It is a discussion based class about current events. There is also childcare available during this time. If you would like more information about this class, contact our office at (765)362-4812 or email at


2019 - 2020 FCC LEADERS

Governing Board:

Chair - Kristy Reese; Vice Chair - Amber Rohr; Secretary - Donna Rogers; Treasurer - Tom Keedy; Deacon Representative - Nicholas Reese; Elder Representative - Rex Henthorn; Property Chair - Dave Lunsford; Trustee - Jack Wyatt; At-large Representative - Diane McLaughlin

Coordinating Council / Ministry Team Chairs

Worship - Sandy Henthorn; Growth and Nurture - David Champa & Tammy Plank; Local and Global Ministries - Dave Maharry; Congregational Support - Judy Michal; WOW! Youth Ministry - Emily McLaughlin & Sharon Keedy; New Ministries - Bonnie Yund; Media Arts - Chuck Ranspach


Class of 2020 - Gerry Coats, Dave Lunsford, Carter Morrett

Class of 2021 - Mark Wollenberg, Rex Henthorn, Kim Mason, Brad Weaver

Class of 2022 - Andrea Venis, Arleen Wilhite, Brad Plank, Bonnie Yund


Class of 2020 - Cindy Grimes, Judy Michal, Debra Morrett, Andrew Nicodemus, Sara Nicodemus, Donna Rogers, Amber Rohr, Maxine Williamson, Ron Yund, Andrew Plunkett

Class of 2021 - Barb Foster, Gerry Hargrove, Jan Horner, John Hooper, Rick Stout, Jan Stout, Clara Brawner, Marilyn Patton, Chuck Ranspach, Kaylynn Ranspach, Myrna Thompson, Nicholas Reese

Class of 2022 - Beverly Wyatt, Jack Wyatt, Glenda Walther, Ann Skomp, Sarah Dowd, Ed Dowd, Merlin Guthrie

Personnel Committee:

Pat Hooper (Chair), Alan Plunkett, Kim Mason, Kristy Reese

Lay Leadership Committee:

Amber Rohr, Arleen Wilhite, Jan Stout, Chuck Ranspach, Donna Coats, Anna Cedars


Bob Snyder


2020 - Bob Snyder, 2021 - Jack Wyatt, 2022 - Rick Stout


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