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Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    211 S. Walnut
   Crawfordsville Indiana 47933
         Phone: 765-362-4812  Email: secnag81@yahoo.com
            Pastor: Keith D. Strain


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News Headlines

Bethel AME Project


Our church is undertaking a joint project with Bethel AME Church in Crawfordsville to repair and preserve the Bethel AME building. Freed slaves, who had escaped from Kentucky in 1834, formed the Bethel AME Church. Its congregation has worshipped on that North Street site since 1847, one of the oldest African-American congregations in the Wabash Valley.

            The site is on the National Register of Historic Places because it was a station on the Underground Railroad. The congregation has a rich history and was home to the first elementary school for African-American children in Crawfordsville that at one time taught 124 students.  

            Our church Board has allocated $1,500 and our entire Reconciliation Offering this month to support this project.

            The first phase of repairs will save the building from deterioration and preserve it as a center of worship. These repairs, which the small Bethel congregation has neither the funds nor the manpower to undertake, involve the roof, siding, paint, foundation, and basement. Rev. Mindy Mayes, minister of Bethel, said, “This project is an answer to our prayers.”

            Wabash Freshmen in Professor Frank Howland’s Freshmen Tutorial class contributed their time at Bethel AME Church on Wednesday morning as part of their Community Service Day. Men from First Christian served as crew chiefs. Women from Bethel served refreshments. Raymond Williams and Vicke Hudson Swisher from Bethel spoke to the Wabash men about ‘Freed Slaves, Bethel AME, and Wabash College.’



Following our worship August 31st we will travel four blocks north and hold a blessing of the work of restoration we are undertaking with the AME church on North Street.  Work will follow for those who are able. 


Celebration of our Congo Connection

Sarah Reister, leader of Regional Delegation to the Congo in June, shared about the ministry that is happening there and the needs that were met by our monetary donation. Raymond Williams is the Church Chair person for Global Outreach.

Our gift of $5000 for the Children’s Nutrition Center in the Mbandaka District of the Democratic Republic of the Congo provided for toilets, food, and a copy machine for the regional office.

Coming to First Christian  in September


our midweek ministry  for children and youth

Featuring:  Bible Study, Recreation, Worship Skills and Family Time
Starring:  Children/Youth 1st grade and up
Beginning:  September 3,  4:30-6:30

Everyone is welcome!

Cast and Crew:
Director – Judy Michal,
Assistant Director – Amber Rohr,
Treasurer – Linda Petrie, 
Bible Study – Amber Rohr and Peter Harper, 
Worship Skills – Amy Woodall,
Recreation – Sarah Hutchison,
Kitchen Coordinator – Pat Hooper,
Clean-up Crew & Table Set-up – Andrea Venis, 
Dinner Dean – Bonnie Yund, 
Head Table Parents –Dave & Ginny Maharry

Visit  familyalbum for photos of Church events!


Our Vision Statement

True Community
Community is an intentional, inclusive, and interconnected Christian relationship that transcends differences in a supportive atmosphere that is empowered by our belief in the true, living God.

Deep Spirituality
Deep Spirituality is the passionate desire to have a fulfilled and authentic relationship with God through Christ that involves taking our beliefs and values of Christianity and weaving them into our lives so they provide the spirit and fire for devoted service to God.

Visible Faith
Visible Faith is the proof of our hope in God manifested as a Christ like life, shown within and seen by others as we live a life of service to glorify God and in the name of Christ.

First Christian Church
211 S. Walnut 
Crawfordsville  Indiana  47933
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LOGOS Midweek Ministry
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True Community, Deep Spirituality, Visible Faith