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“Easter’s Special Light” Is Goal of Holy Week

We have arrived at last at Holy Week.  The Lenten journey is now over and the week of Christ’s passion is before us.  Holy Week is the most important week of the Christian year.  It opens with cries of “Hosanna” and the waving of Palms.  It passes through a week of controversy and conflict.  There is a quiet interlude in the Upper Room and a time of spiritual struggling in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Then like a bad dream Jesus is arrested, the disciples flee for their lives, Jesus is handed over to the Romans who sentence him to death by crucifixion, and it all seems to end with the seal of the tomb on Friday. 

 Three things can make this Holy Week meaningful for you.

At 7 PM on Friday we will join with St. John’s in providing a Good Friday service.  The service will retell the story of Christ’s suffering and death, but will take us through that story backwards.  We will start with the empty tomb and then “rewind” to the Upper Room.  We do it this way in the hope that it will allow you to see each part of the story in a whole new way.  The service will begin at 7 PM and all attending are asked to be present and seated by the hour.  You are asked to enter and leave the service in silence.

The Prayer Vigil is held from the end of the Good Friday service until dawn on Easter morning.  Those who take part have an hour that they spend in the sanctuary for meditation and prayer.  The concept of the vigil is that we devote an hour to God that we might assess our lives in the place where we worship. 

EASTER SERVICE.  This is the one Sunday every Christian should be in worship because Easter is what our faith is all about.  We gather to celebrate the triumph of God’s loving grace over all – even the grave.  We gather to affirm with one another “Christ the Lord is risen today!”  We gather to bring our lives into the presence of the one who loves us most.   We gather in this place to be one with each other.  See you Easter morning at 10:40.

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Our Vision Statement

True Community
Community is an intentional, inclusive, and interconnected Christian relationship that transcends differences in a supportive atmosphere that is empowered by our belief in the true, living God.

Deep Spirituality
Deep Spirituality is the passionate desire to have a fulfilled and authentic relationship with God through Christ that involves taking our beliefs and values of Christianity and weaving them into our lives so they provide the spirit and fire for devoted service to God.

Visible Faith
Visible Faith is the proof of our hope in God manifested as a Christ like life, shown within and seen by others as we live a life of service to glorify God and in the name of Christ.

First Christian Church
211 S. Walnut 
Crawfordsville  Indiana  47933
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True Community, Deep Spirituality, Visible Faith